The Coat


Susan Cook, a residential real estate agent, has no reason to believe that her customer, Charles Holiday, is anything but an ordinary buyer.Charles is neither ordinary nor a buyer. When Charles’ past catches up with him, Susan is thrown into a life-changing adventure. Charles is flying them to safety when his plane crashes. Susan, Charles, and a huge fur coat survive the crash. The coat protects the two of them from the elements, but not from Charles’ enemies.


It was happening again.
Waves of terror left him breathless. He waited in the black silence of his bedroom, his senses on high alert. The squeaking of the loose stair railing could have been part of a dream, albeit a reoccurring dream. But what if it wasn’t a dream this time? In one fluid movement, he jerked the sheets over the lined up pillows and rolled under the bed. Don’t move don’t even think close your eyes hold your breath is this the end?
His mind raced as he waited to be found. For ten years, plastic surgery and hiding had kept him alive. But his reclusive life was dull and living under the threat of death was exhausting. Maybe it was time to accept the inevitable and….
The familiar voice that whispered his name changed everything. Any fear that he had been feeling turned into instant rage. It still might be his end, but not without a fight.
What he hadn’t expected to see peering into his hiding place was the face that belonged to the familiar voice. “No!” he screamed. Jerked from his nightmare, he sat up. The hands that he ran over his face were shaking and his heart was threatening to jump out of his chest. The face. He knew it well.