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Home for the characters who live within the pages of the Accidental Mystery Series is somewhere in the western part of the state of Michigan where cherries and wine abound. Retreating glaciers left potholes that became the many little lakes that dot the land that, in turn, snuggle up to a greater Lake Michigan. The story’s people appreciate the beauty of the land that is all around them, and one character spreads the rumor that, in the summer season, God vacations in the area. The first two books, And So To Sleep and And So To Dream take place within the small town. The Wrath of Grapes moves the story to a vineyard on the peninsula. Grapes can grow on the cold peninsula because of the close proximity and the ensuing warming effect of Lake Michigan. The growing season is about 145 days, long enough to produce good wine grapes.
The fourth book, And So To Love, draws our friends into the world of politics when a young boy is rescued from a burning building, and the fifth book, And So It Goes, delves into the world of medical fraud, witness protection agency, lost dogs, and Michigan black bears. The sixth book, The Wrath of Winter, brings all the characters to the one house that has a generator when a severe winter storm knocks out the power for many days. Sammy the Grunt , who has been in prison since book three, escapes on his way to the dentist. Once freed, he heads for the vineyard. Our favorite dog, Lucky, takes a nap in the bed of a truck, and ends up in Ohio. He does return in time to give the story a very special ending.

About Me

My husband, Barry, and I moved to the Traverse City, Michigan area after we both retired. I left a career of selling real estate in Rochester, Michigan, and Barry retired from managing an insurance agency in Troy. We built a house by a beautiful lake called Pearl and settled into busy retirement, wondering how we ever managed to fit work into our schedules all those years. We have a big black dog that I found at the Humane Society. His name is Earl, and he is wonderful! We rescued a feral kitten from the coyotes that, after four years, still isn’t civilized. His name is Simon.
We have two grown children, Jill and Tom. I have a stepdaughter, Judith, who has been a constant joy all these years. She calls me her ‘step thingy’. Barry lives in the outdoors. Depending on the season, he bikes, cross-country skis or snowshoes. I am not so adventurous. I mostly stay inside and read.Most of my adult life I have suffered with restless legs. While living down state, I never found out my crazy leg problem had a name. When we retired to Traverse City, I picked a doctor out of the yellow pages, and he happened to be a doctor specializing in sleep. I found that I was suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome, and there is medication for it. However, some nights the medication doesn’t work.
It was on one of those nights that I sat down at the computer and started a silly story, which I sent on to my two sisters at 5:30 in the morning when I heard the delivery of the morning newspaper. The next day I got a phone call from each of them, asking ‘and then what happened?’
Up until that point in my life, I had never written anything. Not even a short story. But to entertain my sisters, on nights I couldn’t sleep, I would write another chapter or two. In the next year and a half, I wrote three books. Go figure.Harmony has been the one constant love of my life.Growing up in Distant, Pennsylvania, a coal-mining town, church and school were the only socializing events in my life.One woman named Mary organized an all-girl church choir that sang three-part harmony. Since I never could hit a high note, in order to be in the choir I had to learn to sing a harmony part. Eventually I was able to supply any missing harmony part. Flash forward to my first days at what is now Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana. I hadn’t met anyone, not even my roommate, because she hadn’t arrived yet. While on my way to the lavatory, I passed a room with its door wide open. Music was coming from that room. Two girls were sitting on the bed, singing two-part harmony. Thanks to Mary’s choir, I was able to stick my head into the room and supply the missing harmony part. We became the college trio, and for the next few years, we traveled for the college on weekends and in the summer.
One summer we racked up 17,000 miles. When asked, when we returned in the fall, how many times we had changed the oil, we replied, “Never.” They told us to have the oil ‘checked’, which we did every time we filled the gas tank, but no one ever said, ‘change the oil’. I often wonder about the person who bought that car after we were through with it.
These days I fill my days with harmony by singing with the Grand Traverse Sweet Adelines. www.grandtraversechorus.org

Latest Book – Essence

Heartbroken, Josh is making arrangements for the funeral of his wife, Marie, when the urge to retrieve her shadowbox from their summer cottage in northern Michigan is so strong, he can’t fight it. Upon entering the cottage, the distinctive scent of Marie’s perfume surprises him because ill health has kept her from visiting the lake for over a year. When the rustling of the curtain on the lake-side window lures him to look out, he sees a swimmer struggling to stay afloat. He is surprised when he paddles near enough to hear the swimmer humming the song that was playing when he and Marie first met. After the swimmer is safe in his boat, an odor causes him to demand, “Why are you wearing my wife’s perfume?”

This is the first of several encounters he has with Laura, an artist who lives on the other side of the lake. On each occasion, he is overwhelmed by the smell of his dead wife’s perfume. The mystery of why this happens is deepened when he smells the putrid stench of a corpse when he meets Bob, a handsome man who is courting Laura.

Essence is a fast-pace story that keeps you guessing until the end when the mystery is solved.