The Wrath Of Grapes : The Accidental Mystery Series – Book Three


A motorist’s impulsive decision to stop and investigate a snowy object in the middle of the road sets the stage for the third book of The Accidental Mystery Series.
The Wrath of Grapes moves the story from the small western Michigan town to the peninsula where the widow, Sarah Blakeman, owns a vineyard.
When all three of the bad men are released from prison on technicalities and converge on the widow’s vineyard, our friends from Allen Real Estate become suspicious. Convinced that something terrible is happening to Sarah, Clara schemes to get everyone involved in saving her.
Clara’s dog, Lucky, once again gets to prove just how special he really is.

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It was long past dinnertime but no food had been delivered to her room. With growing dread she realized what that meant. If he were going to kill her tonight, why would it matter if she died hungry?
Sammy probably regarded it as a thrifty way to save food.
Trying to hold down the panic, she paced. What do you do with the last few hours you have left? Think about the life you have lived up to this point starting with early memories of childhood? The faces of her mom and dad flashed through her mind.If there really is a Heaven, would she get to see them? Would they recognize her as a grown woman? Pray. She needed to pray and ask for forgiveness of her sins.What sins? Desperately trying to think of a sin that she could petition God to forgive, she became aware of a familiar smell that was coming from downstairs. Itwasn’t the smell of food cooking…but what was it? A memory from the beauty shop surfaced; it was the chemical smell of a hair product! First Albert’s shaved head, and now this. What was going on? She shrugged; what was the use of wasting time trying to figure that one out?

Finally, at midnight she said her last prayer, shed her last tear, whispered to Larry that she would see him soon, and stretched out on the bed.