And So To Dream : The Accidental Mystery Series – Book Two


In And So To Dream, the second book of the Accidental Mystery Series, the characters have moved on since we last visited them in And So To Sleep. The romance that started to develop between Molly Allen and the handsome detective, Mitch Hatch, has led to their marriage. Clara, the secretary, finally passes her real estate exam. She is running the office for Molly who is pregnant with twins. One of the bad guys who was sent to prison has been released and returns to the little northern Michigan town with revenge in his heart. Mayhem, murder, and the pungent odor of his strong cologne follow Sammy the Grunt as he carries out these plans.

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MOLLY REMAINED SEATED at the dinner table and watched Anita clearing away the dirty dishes. The girls had finished their meal long ago and she could hear them in the den having a heated discussion about a television program. Once again, Mitch had missed the evening meal. He hadn’t even called to say he would be late, or, and she cringed at the thought, that he was even coming home.
The sound of the garage door opening sent a flood of relief through her. Maybe tonight she could get him to listen to her. According to him, if she really loved him and wanted to be in bed with him, she could do it. She just didn’t want to badly enough.
Mitch walked into the house, hung up his coat, and headed for the bedroom.
“Anita has your dinner in the oven, Mitch. Why don’t you come to the table and I’ll sit with you while you eat.”
“I’m not hungry.” was his reply. “Anyway, I stopped and ate on the way home.”
“Why on earth would you do that?”
He whirled around to face her. “So I won’t have to look at your judgmental face over the dinner table! I’m sick and tired of your reminding me that I’m not living up to whatever you thought our marriage was going to be. If you’d rather not include me in your nights, that’s fine with me. But I don’t have to come home early every day so that you have more time to rub my nose in it!”
Molly was stunned.
“You really don’t understand, do you? No matter how much I tell you that I love you and I want nothing more than to be in your bed at night, you will not listen!”
“I have listened! You are the one who makes the decision to get out of bed and leave me. You are the one who makes the decision to sleep in the guest room. Why can’t you just decide you’re going to stay in bed? Why do you leap out of bed as if someone shot you out of a cannon? Am I that repulsive?”
“But, Mitch…!”
The bedroom door slammed shut.