Evelyn Allen Harper

The accidental mystery series

Wrath Of Winter

Home for the characters who live within the pages of the Accidental Mystery Series is somewhere in the western part of the state of Michigan where cherries and wine abound. Retreating glaciers left potholes that became the many little lakes that dot the land that, in turn, snuggle up to a greater Lake Michigan.

The story’s people appreciate the beauty of the land that is all around them, and one character spreads the rumor that, in the summer season, God vacations in the area. The first two books, And So To Sleep and And So To Dream take place within the small town. The Wrath of Grapes moves the story to a vineyard on the peninsula. Grapes can grow on the cold peninsula because of the close proximity and the ensuing warming effect of Lake Michigan. The growing season is about 145 days, long enough to produce good wine grapes.

The fourth book, And So To Love, draws our friends into the world of politics when a young boy is rescued from a burning building, and the fifth book, And So It Goes, delves into the world of medical fraud, witness protection agency, lost dogs, and Michigan black bears. The sixth book, The Wrath of Winter, brings all the characters to the one house that has a generator when a severe winter storm knocks out the power for many days. Sammy the Grunt , who has been in prison since book three, escapes on his way to the dentist. Once freed, he heads for the vineyard. Our favorite dog, Lucky, takes a nap in the bed of a truck, and ends up in Ohio. He does return in time to give the story a very special ending.